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Our Mission

To offer a free family photography session to parents in the Ottawa/Gatineau area who are facing a cancer diagnosis that may shorten their time with their family.

By providing families with the gift of professional photos of loved ones, our goal is to help in the healing process and provide a tangible way to preserve real moments together as a family. 


Photo Sessions

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a session, you must be a parent who meets all of the following criteria:

Newly diagnosed with cancer, undergoing treatment, living with cancer or within the first year of remission.

Have a child/children under 18 years of age.

Located in the Ottawa/Gatineau area.

How it Works

Requests for photo sessions will be accepted via the "apply for a session" link below. Once applications are received, they will be reviewed and assessed for priority. A photographer will be assigned and will contact the applicant to discuss the details of the session including scheduling a time, date and determining an appropriate location. Photographers will be using a documentary approach to capture real moments in a real setting as opposed to studio setups. The length of a session will be determined based on the discussion between the photographer and the family and could range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Families will be given their choice of 10 digital photos from an online viewing gallery and 2 5x7 print. Photo sessions are designed to include immediate family only (i.e., parents and their children). 



For questions or to learn more about what we do, please contact us. To apply for a session, please go to the application page.

Vous pouvez aussi nous écrire en français. 


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