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How it all started

Over tea one morning, we (Myriam and Melanie) were talking about our personal photography work, our kids and the legacy we hoped we were creating for our own families. The power of a photograph is the story it can tell - the day to day lives of our families, of little details, moments, connections. We imagined our kids pouring over all of the photos we've taken and in fact it's something they already do. They want to know all the little stories, they want to see themselves but they also want to see all of us together being just who we are.  We then thought, what if we could use our time and experience to give this gift to others at such a difficult time in their lives? This conversation led to the idea behind 'With all my love' - helping parents facing the impossible situation of leaving their children too soon due to illness create a photo love letter, documenting family moments in a real and honest way. We are so inspired by the work that other organizations are doing offering photography services to sick children and thought that we could help fill the gap for parents in this situation. 



Myriam is a mom of two curious and sweet little boys. Her passion for storytelling photography was born from documenting her family's daily life. In her work, she aims to find beauty in ordinary places and showcase connections between people.



Melanie is a mom of two girls who keep her on her toes and who are the source of her passion for documenting real family moments. She is dedicated to using photography to capture the details of stories from all of life's stages. 

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